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Product obtained from trimming or shaping pork bacon with a lean/fat ratio of approximately 50/50.

Famadesa is a leading company in the international meat sector, capable of producing and exporting frozen pork meat products to the five continents and with 50 years of experience.

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The taste of quality.

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Famadesa is a family company from Malaga, with an international vocation and projection, with 50 years of experience. A benchmark in the Spanish and international meat sector, supplying customers all over the world and renowned for its expertise and quality.

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We deliver the highest quality pork meat around the world

In 2010, Famadesa began to market in China, which meant a change of concept in the way of understanding the company. From that moment until today, internationalisation has become one of the pillars of the company, taking care the commercial relations in more than 20 countries with dedication and professionalism.

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In the first half of 2020, 58% of total sales were exports.

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The origin of our success lies in the exhaustive control of the production process we develop, an element of uniqueness that makes us different from any other company in the sector.

From the moment the grain enters the land to the final delivery of the packaged product to the customer, at FAMADESA we take care of all the links in the production chain. The result is unparalleled quality, which means that our products are in demand by companies on four continents.

One of the secrets of our success is that we are always working to be better tomorrow than we are today. We make continuous investments aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of our production, including regular fleet and service renewals and investments and renovations aimed at improving our efficient services.

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Our freezing systems, with a capacity for 4M kilos and our fleet of more than 120 trucks, guarantee delivery on time, anywhere in the world.

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The quality you need. Value chain

Control over all the links in the production chain (reception, slaughter, cutting, packaging, dispatch and transport) guarantees the highest quality of all its products.

An element of uniqueness that makes it different from any other company in the sector.

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+1,350,000 slaughterings per year

Our productivity exceeds 1,350,000 slaughterings per year, with almost 500,000 pigs of our own production and around 6.500 tonnes of sausages and 350,000 pieces of cured ham. Famadesa knows the demands of Asian customers, to whom offers quality and price in its most demanded products (hearts, livers, tongues and kidneys, etc.).

It also sells noble pieces, such as ham or shoulder and more generic products, such as bacon, knuckles and various types of bones. Cured ham is exported to a lesser extent.

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